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The School of Architecture offers a top-notch education in a diverse range of disciplines that address critical, complex challenges in our natural, built and virtual environments.

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“Growing up, I always wanted to be an engineer, but part of me was very artistic. Architecture is an excellent combination of math and art.”

Jun Lee / ‘24

“I chose Texas A&M because of the Aggie Network. A friend who is an alumnus told me great things about the program. That's what drew me here.”

Chukwudi (Chudi) Nwokoma / ‘23

“This degree prepares me for licensure and propels me into this challenging field. I believe architecture can drive social change.”

Katharine Koehler / ‘23

“Plants have always been a hobby— growing and learning about them. After discovering landscape architecture, it piqued my interest.”

Lauren Kasel / ‘25

“I chose the School of Architecture because it blends well with my future career. It's a supportive learning environment, thanks to helpful faculty and staff.”

Lillian Vukin / ‘22

“My sister was an Aggie, so I'd visited campus a lot. I really liked the vibe; the energy people have, and things like Fish Camp helped me fit in!”

Philips Fafiyebi / ‘23

“I'm really enjoying the construction science program. After shadowing architecture firms and looking at engineering, I realized construction science would be a great fit for me.”

PJ Kiburz / ‘24

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